Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Additions Pt.2

A few more...

20 Greatest Irish Hits LP. Starlight Records ca 1975-76.
Cover artwork by Jim Fitzpatrick. One of only a handful of records issued by Starlight magazine.

Dickie Rock - Dickie LP. Solo Records 1975 or 1976.
Dickie Rock post Miami. The cover shows Dickie in a rural, outdoors-y, denim clad mood. Nice! Unfortunately the record contains the usual, predictable, middle of the road track listing. I'm not sure if these are re-recordings or if this is simply another greatest hits package.

Update: these are re-recordings.

The Crehan Family LP. EMI Talisman 'Music Of Ireland' series. 1971.
Pictured as Opportunity Knocks winners on the cover, with Hughie Green. Hughie later explained to them the evils of trade unionism.

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