Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Rumours of Our Demise Unfounded

Yes we are still here. Yes we do upate the website regularly. No we don't answer email very quickly. Yes you should send us anything you have to contribute. Don't ask first, just send! All materials are gratefully received and will be used.

Recent website additions:  
The Peelers, The Hitchers, Cherry Brogues, Anne Bushnell, Coitus, Big Bag of Sticks, Niall MacMahon, Bleeding Rectum (ouch!), Big Mistake, Bambi.

Label discographies updated this month alone:
Caroline Studios, Dara, Derry, Emerald Gem, Gael Linn, Hallmark, HMV, Jury's, Meglo, Mint, Play, Release, Top Spin and Unicorn.

A disciple sent me the following, another piece of the complex jigsaw linking Foster & Allen with the extreme metal underground: